Defining the Position
        During the detailed discussions of PCI with our client Executives.
We acquire the valuable informations on the candidates' job profiles to have
the most suitable matches with the culture of the corporates. We identify the target organizations and, as an option, develope a behavioral   assessment of the most potentiacandidates. 
All the informations will be combined to be put together to fulfill an overall requirements. Identifying Candidates We identify the qualified and potential candidates thru the direct contacts, database, respective searches and industral associations. Screening Candidates We interview and screen potential candidates, evaluating the skills of the
sindividuals and the qualifications of each individual with regard to the overall
requirement profiles. Presentation We present the qualified candidates with the professional credentials. We also provide our assessment of  each candidate showing the level of
his/her experiences, motivation and interest. Consulting We assist our clients and the potential candidates in any additional queries with   the appropriate presentation in the unbiased manner and with the adequate sense of timeliness, so that all the issues will be identified and promptly addressed. 
We also provide in-depth referral checkings, counsel the candidates on their resignations and assist our clients in restructuring the whole formula into a well-
balanced employment package. Follow-up We follow up on the completed researches to ensure the successful assimilation of the candidates into our client organizations.

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